Steve Jobs Is Everything That Is Right With America

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This week marks the passing of an American icon who is a striking example of what the Free Market looks like in practice. He demanded nothing from his country and everything from his own intellect. Through all of his professional failures, he never blamed anyone else, but rather, learned his lessons and moved on to do better. And he did better. His vision of technology has forever changed the way we look at accessing information.

Consider the price and size of access to information. I type this blog on my iPad, weighing a mere 601 grams. When Jobs began in this business, the same power as my iPad would have filled a room. And my iPad is a tiny fraction of the cost. All the elements of the Free Market displayed in one man. Improving the product while bringing the price down. And all without any “help” from the government.

And when Steve Jobs had failures in his business, there was no bailout from anyone. It was his risk. He bore the consequences.

The timing of his death, during this circus known as “Occupy Wall Street” is interesting in its comparison. These occupiers expect their government to give them everything, taken from people like Jobs, who they claim do not deserve it. They abhor the Free Market and Capitalism. All the while, they tweet their activities on devices brought to market by the genius of Jobs. And they don’t even see the irony.

Steve Jobs changed our world and how we experience it. He also provided us a precise demonstration of the Free Market in action. The “occupiers” will likely just be a blip in history. Jobs’ impact will be enduring.

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