Colorado State Senator John Morse Faces Recall In Colorado Springs, CO.

Courage vs. “Courage” – The Colorado Gun Control Debate

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California High School student Ben Wolman recently wrote an essay, for which he won an award in a Profiles in Courage contest, called “John Morse: Small Price to Pay.” Wolman and I have different definitions of “courage.”

Wolman paints then-Senate-President John Morse as an independent-minded legislator, concerned only about the safety of the citizens he serves, and not concerned at all about his political career.

The facts do not support this. First, the 2013 gun-control bill agenda was a much larger effort than just John Morse. Joe Biden was calling key Democrat holdouts during floor votes.  Michael Bloomberg and Governor John Hickenlooper were directly talking during these same debates.  And during the successful recall of John Morse, Bloomberg wrote a personal check for $350,000 to try to thwart the effort.

Wolman also writes that Morse “has a long record of making other people’s well-being a priority,” indicating that these gun control bills would actually make people safer. Unfortunately for Wolman, this is just not accurate. A Harvard study shows that strict gun control does not mean less crime.

True courage is the mom who stands between her children and an intruder with a loaded firearm rather than see her family harmed.  Courage is the widow who fights for concealed carry laws that would have allowed her husband to save his own life instead of being murdered in public by a stalker.

Politicians are not kings. They are not elected to jeopardize my safety. They are not elected to tell us what to do with our lives. They are not elected to tell us how we may or may not defend ourselves. Those who think they know better how we should live our lives should not be held up as heroes.

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  1. Very well put. Words such as hubris, arrogance, cowardice and elitism come to mind when I bother to think of failed senator John Morse. Certainly *not* “courage”.

  2. Sen. Morse thought so much of his “Dear” and “wonderful” constituents, that days after he got recalled, he packed up and promptly moved to Denver. Word has it that he now is actively working for a 527 organization to unseat those who opposed him.

  3. The Samurai Bushido Warrior Code distinguishes between Bravery and Courage and in doing so clarifies what true courage is.

    To be brave is to do something despite the fact that you are frightened that you could be harmed in the process.
    To show courage is to do something that scares you precisely because it is the right thing to do. So, courage is a kind of bravery, but not always the other way around.
    Further: to step in front a train to pick up a child knowing that you and the child would both die only for the appearance of looking brave, is foolishness not Courage. It may take more Courage to stand and do nothing knowing that many may question your bravery.
    John Morse attempted to appear courageous by voting to disarm law abiding citizens knowing full well that none of his actions would do anything to make the citizens safer. His decisions were not based on doing what was right.

  4. I bet this young individual didn’t have a lot to do with this article. His parents (which are probably Democrats) wrote the whole thing!

  5. A politician taking political contributions is hardly courageous. You don’t bravely serve your constituents by ignoring them.

    Senator John Morse found some anti-gun political donors. John went for the money and told his constituents to be quiet. They did not go quietly.

  6. What are you people doing with your lives, picking apart some kids essay? This is pathetic, find something more productive to do with your day. While you may not agree with what he has to say, he has done far more with his opinions than you have with yours.

    1. Thanks for your comment. If a high school student says something inaccurate, am I not permitted to challenge it? I have actually done more with my opinions than this student. I helped recall a State Senate President who overstepped his authority. And I used my own name to do it. Have a great day!

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