Hillary Is A Bad Role Model For Women

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Hillary Is A Bad Role Model For Women

Women have worked for generations to demonstrate our equality in the workplace. In my 25 years in the banking industry, I was able to witness the progression and growth of women in leadership roles, as the free market rewarded the competence that women brought to banking.

I was competent. I excelled. I was rewarded. This has been the experience of most women and men who have advanced in the workplace. We demonstrate our competence, we are held accountable for our performance and we excel by being our best authentic selves.

Our role models in business are women like Oprah Winfrey, Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard and Heidi Ganahl of Camp Bow Wow. These are women who didn’t accept the status quo and took it upon themselves to change the world in their own positive way.

Women who do not demonstrate competence, who don’t hold themselves accountable and who mislead people about who they are at their core, are not worthy of becoming role models. This is precisely why Hillary Clinton is a bad role model for women.

Clinton herself couldn’t name her top accomplishment as Secretary of State.

When she fails, she doesn’t take accountability for her performance. Instead, she blames others for her failure. She blamed a You Tube video for the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi, when she knew it wasn’t true. She blamed her 2008 Presidential primary loss on sexist vitriol. She blamed the vast right-wing conspiracy for her husband’s scandals.

Clinton’s authenticity is, in a word, inauthentic. She adopts a southern drawl when in the South. She was a Cubs fan who became a Yankee fan when she ran for the US Senate in New York. She claims to be a women’s advocate, but the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has taken in tens of millions in donations from countries where women are second class citizens. There is simply no way for women and young girls looking for a role model to identify the real Hillary Clinton.

Is it time for a woman President? Of course it is. I’d like to have the chance to vote for a woman who is competent and accomplished, who is responsible and accountable for her performance, and who knows who she is. A woman with that resume would be a role model both here and around the world. Hillary Clinton is not that role model and never will be.


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  1. Plus, she couldn’t/wouldn’t keep up with the current IT advances necessary to do her job well.

    Time to start Hillary is Shillary!

  2. After benghazi I changed her name to Killary. 1 question, is it possible for this administration to be as incompetant as it is or do they have to work at it??

  3. Amen,Sister! This is a message that needs to be repeated as widely as possible. It sickens me to hear of the young women who “like” Hillary without any knowledge of her actual qualifications – or her history. You would think that by this time this country would be well aware of the danger of electing a symbol (“First Black President! Yea!”) instead of a person.

  4. Laura, I love this statement: “I’d like to have the chance to vote for a woman who is competent and accomplished, who is responsible and accountable for her performance…” This country deserves a leader who is responsible and accountable and I’d add, supports and respects the Constitution of the United States. Great post Laura.

  5. Laura, Its great to see someone that is honest and straight forward. If our leaders in Washington would do the same we wouldn’t have the problems that we have now. Very few will speak their true feelings. They are all about parties and politics and not about people. Thanks for all the dedication and time you have given to the people of Colorado.

  6. Great article! Yes why do so many Voters vote based on being “1st Black POTUS” or “1st Female Prez”. Hillary represented that Child Rapist and that alone should stop any Man or Woman from voting for her.

  7. Laura, you might be shocked but I agree with you 100% on this one! You hit the nail on the head. Hillary cannot be trusted. Bernie Sanders is right – Hillary lacks good judgment. Why else would she use a personal server for classified emails? I could give hundreds of other examples. She is duplicitous and dishonest. I, too, would love a woman president, but not just any woman president. It has to be the right one. It is way past time and I hope we elect a great woman president in the near future. I would love to see Elizabeth Warren run. She is tough, hard working, fearless, and tenacious. And she has proven that she can forge alliances and work across the aisle.

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