Government Ruins Nearly Everything

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What government touches, it breaks.

So why do we ask it to solve our most pressing and personal issues: abortion, schools, guns and marriage? Has its failures with VA hospitals, the war on drugs, farm subsidies, the IRS, NSA leaks, and the war on poverty given us any reason to trust them?

Yet we still do. Over and over. Because we think there’s no alternative.

But there is. Government Ruins Nearly Everything helps you remember who’s the boss and who’s the public servant, and gives you tools to reclaim what was yours all along. You’ll learn:

• Why private citizens are best suited to solve the “fireworks” issues
• How to keep the government from ruining our lives even more
• What you can do, step-by-step, to reclaim ownership of the things that matter most

When government gets the relationship with its citizens upside down—when it parcels out our rights in tiny portions, one freedom at a time—what can you do?

The same as every American: reset the balance, one free citizen at a time.