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Crushing The American Dream

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Crushing the American Dream

What is powdered alcohol and why does the government want to keep it from us?

Powdered alcohol, or Palcohol, is a product that has not yet hit the market, but 5 states have already banned it, with many more states trying to ban it. Why? Because, according to the Republican bill sponsor in Colorado, JoAnn Windholz, “It’s prudent for states to ban the product until they know how it can affect people if it happens to be stronger than liquid alcohol.”

The bill in Colorado has cleared its first hurdle by passing 9-2 out of the House State Affairs Committee, and passing the full House floor by a vote of 46-17. The bill has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee, having secured Senator Nancy Todd as the Senate Sponsor.

The product’s developer, Mark Phillips, fully acknowledges that Palcohol should be taxed and regulated just like liquid alcohol. That means it would be sold only where it is legal to sell liquor, with all of the restrictions of selling liquor. Additionally, there are existing regulations based on the strength of the drink. So what’s the problem?

There is a long list of proposed social ills that Windholtz says Palcohol might lead to, including children snorting the product, being able to spike another person’s drink, and being able to sneak the product in to a ballgame or other venue.

Palcohol’s inventor debunks all of this on his site, www.palcohol.com, in a very thorough manner.

He also details how he discovered the market need for a lighter weight alcohol product. He is a backpacker, and as every hiker or backpacker knows, the weight of your pack is everything. So he used his time and treasure to invent this product.

Isn’t that the American Dream, to see a market need, invent something, and make a living from your invention? We should throw this guy a parade, not ban his invention.

What if it hits the market, and no one likes it? Then they will go out of business, which is another feature of the free market. Phillips is not guaranteed success. Consumers, not the government, should determine the success of Palcohol.

This is a product that many people would enjoy. Just because a few might misuse it, doesn’t mean it should be banned for everyone. There is a little irony that this is happening in a state that just made recreational marijuana legal.

Find out what is happening in your state. We don’t need the government telling us that we need protection from Palcohol.

States where Palcohol is already banned: Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, South Carolina and Vermont

States attempting to ban Palcohol: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

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  1. This showcases some of the differences between trust conservatives and the sad current mainstream gaggle of repulicans….and in CO no less. Guess it’s ok to smoke a joint but not enjoy a little booze.

  2. Our government needs to learn that they work for us and are not our parents!! Choice should be up to the consumer, not the government if it hasn’t been proven that powdered alcohol is dangerous.

    And let’s get serious – who wants POWDERED alcohol when the liquid stuff is so much better? Ever try powdered milk? Powdered cocoa versus real chocolate? Don’t believe me? Come over for a taste test!

  3. Prohibition never works. Not for alcohol, not for drugs and not for Palcohol. Sadly, the statists never have and never will learn this lesson.

  4. It’s not about protecting you or even finding safe things for you. What it is is rather simple really. It’s all about control. They do this because they BELIEVE they HAVE to be in control over you and everyone else because they are smarter. Or so they think. Of all the bill’s that get passed every year, ever ask yourself this ” Just how many of those bills got the public’s approval FIRST before being passed into law?” ” How many laws like this and so much more are PASSED in the dead of night? or on Holiday weekend’s? ( WHEN THE PUBLIC HAS NO IDEA WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING OR GOING ON) Hmm sound familiar? Like, umm ” You got to pass it so you can find out what is in it crap”

    The simple thing is this. Those in power who abuse there power and act as a dictator or ruler instead of a servant of the people or leader ” SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT QUESTION” Nothing sends a better and more clear message than YOUR FIRED when talking to bureaucrats in office.

  5. The problem is the nanny gov’t hasn’t decided how they can get the most out of it; so they’ll prevent the natural course of the market in order to build a case against the product, and charge more taxes and create more regulations to baby-sit those that would abuse the product. SIGH… when will they leave us alone!!!

  6. Just another diversion we can count on to keep us sedate and without ability to make thoughtful decisions. Of course it will be over used. (Only for medicinal purposes.) Don’t we have enough mind numbing distractions already like politics and television? What could possibly go wrong? Who are we to allow the government to rule over us? “We are all bought with a price.” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

  7. […] Julie Hayden and hubby Chuck Bonniwell. The guest is conservative political operative Laura Carno (who’s been crusading for powdered alcohol recently): Bonniwell: This leadership race for the chairmanship of the Republican Party is going wild! […]

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