Audible Version of Government Ruins Nearly Everything is Now Available

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Wanna blow a sizable hole in anyone’s big government dreams?

The audible version of Government Ruins Nearly Everything is out and available now! Learn how to give your politicians permission to stop fixing things!

Thanks to my fabulous narrator Linda Bruno for getting much of my sass and snark just right, and for taking so much care with every little detail.

You can get your audible copy here, as well as the paperback and e-book formats. After you’ve heard or read the book, I’d always appreciate your review on that same page.

Also, we have a few seats left at my next book event and signing in Colorado Springs. It is on Wednesday, July 6th at 7:30am, and is sponsored by the Limited Government Forum. Although registration is closed, you can still sign up to attend. The details are here, and you can let me know if you are able to attend. I will get you added to the list!

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