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What Difference Does It Make?

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What Difference Does It Make? A Case For Book Reviews.


As a newer author, I’m accustomed to asking readers to post a review on I get a lot of feedback from readers about what they found interesting about my book, how it made them feel differently about an aspect of politics, or how it caused them to re-think a deeply held belief or political position.


I always ask them to share their thoughts as a review on Amazon, because of the benefits to both the reader and the author.


Posting Amazon book reviews does a few things:

  • Reviews provide information to prospective purchasers that helps them decide whether or not they might like the book
  • The 5-star rating system helps purchasers determine at a glance how much others liked the book
  • Reviews are a feedback mechanism to the author about what people enjoyed, or didn’t enjoy about the book
  • Reviews get the author plugged in to the secret Amazon algorithms that cause the book to be “plugged” on different parts of the site


If you already own a copy of my book, Government Ruins Nearly Everything, and haven’t yet written a review, I hope you will consider doing so.


What difference does a review make? A lot of difference, and it only takes a minute.


What’s that you say? You don’t have your own copy of Government Ruins Nearly Everything yet? Here is a sample of some of the 5-star reviews that other readers have posted, so that they can help you decide whether to buy a copy:


I would highly recommend that high schools incorporate this book in Political Science Classes

This is the most well balanced informative political book that I have ever read. The author gave a fair factual balance of views from both sides of the aisle. With all these hard line books out there, it was a pleasure to read this one. I would highly recommend that high schools incorporate this book in the Political Science Classes. It’s that good.

Laura Carno has written an excellent book on choice verses government control

Clear, concise and cogent. Laura Carno has written an excellent book on choice verses government control. She reminds the reader of the proper role of government which is to protect our rights, mediate disputes, and defend the nation. Period. Not afraid to confront the “Fireworks” issues of Abortion, Guns, Schools and Same-Sex marriage, Carno shares stories and insights, with many solutions to these hot button issues. A good primer for those who want a better understanding of how to reclaim social issues from government control and let the free market of ideas and interactions work. A good discussion book for a book club.

Choose personal freedom over government coercion.

Meticulously researched, but not in an intimidating fashion. Equally well-reasoned and expressed, and easy to read. Should be encouraged especially for socially and politically disaffected young people.


This is an awesome book! Every politician, government employee and every citizen in the US should read it! The solutions to the major issues facing our country offered by the author were real, practical and eye opening. Amazing. Everyone should read it!

Fantastic easy read that will change how you think about government’s role in our lives

Read that will change how you think about politics and the government’s role in our lives! Great for young people….


I hope these reviews have piqued your curiosity, and have encouraged you to purchase your first copy of Government Ruins Nearly Everything, or to buy an additional copy for a friend.


It’s available at in paperback, Kindle and Audible versions. If you are looking for a signed copy, you can order one here.


I regularly do speaking engagements that include book signings. Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter to be informed of upcoming events in your area. If you have an event you would like to talk about, take a look here and let me know more about your event.


Thank you!


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  1. As an author myself, Laura, I couldn’t agree more about the importance of book reviews. Many say they will write a review, but the truth of matter is that few actually do.
    After reading some of the reviews that people have provided over the years, I think any reluctance they may have stems from fact that many people cannot write well.

  2. I have enjoyed everything Laura has written. She has been spot on with all of her assessments and believe in her fully.
    We wish her nothing but the best in her first writing adventure.

  3. Laura Carno’s book, Gov’t Ruins Nearly Everything, gives clear examples of how government agencies and government-backed causes take a dire situation and make it worse. Not just once, but over and over, again…. Her book gives the “ammo” a person needs to talk about a government caused problem and then the private citizen remedy to correct the problem. I appreciate the thought and organization in compiling the book and I look forward to her next book! Highly recommend this book for any personal collection!

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