The President You Wish You Had Is Never Coming

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Where do you stand on the current state of the Presidential election?

Never Trump.

Maybe Trump.

Feel The Bern.

Feel The Johnson.

I’m With Her.

None of the Above.

I have heard all of these Presidential campaign slogans in the past 24 hours —all from people I know personally. Yet the two frontrunners, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have record negative poll numbers among primary voters and among general election voters. The President we wish we had is never coming. So what is a responsible registered voter to do? This is a Presidential primary year, and we know we must do something.

We. Must. Do. Something.

I propose a different way to look at this Presidential election. Whomever we have in the Oval Office, the Executive Branch is but one of three co-equal branches of government. And the federal legislative branch offers a substantial constitutional check and balance on the power of the executive office.

  • A nominee to the Supreme Court cannot be confirmed without a compliant US Senate.
  • The President can sign a bill only after it has first passed through both houses of Congress.
  • Two-thirds of the members in both houses of Congress can override a Presidential veto.

Additionally, the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution offers protections to the states against federal overreach.

If your candidate for President didn’t make the finals, don’t walk out on the entire election season.

Do whatever you need to do at the top of the ticket. Then look at what you can do to provide a check and balance to the next occupant the Oval Office, regardless of who that is. The President is one person —a powerful person— but just one person. There is much more you can do.

  • Work to elect consistently principled local candidates, especially your state legislative candidates. They provide a check on federal overreach. Consider the leadership qualities it takes to stand up for what is right and what is constitutional.
  • Work to elect consistently principled Congressional and US Senate candidates. Consider the leadership qualities it takes to stand up for what is right and what is constitutional.

Focusing your energy on down-ticket races will help to provide the backstop necessary to place a check on the powers of the President. I’m not excited about any of the choices for President. If you are as concerned as I am about who our next President might be, then our obligation is to minimize the negative impact they will have on our country.

We have a system of checks and balances for a reason. Let’s use it.




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  1. If we had had any checks and balances against the most unconstitutional President in history, there wouldn’t be a Trump. It blows my mind that people who hate Trump are still putting their faith in the same lying hacks that betrayed us so completely! Of course I’m not naive about Trump but he represents a sea change and the comeuppance they’ve sorely needed. No place else to go.

  2. I am convinced that Trump got in to split the Repub. vote, and then we will have Hillary -his good friend from way back! So many folks are saying that they will vote for Trump because he is better than Hillary, but how much better? Has he ever mentioned what he thinks of the Constitution? Cruz was my pick from the beginning. I will see what happens at the Nat’l Conv. Right now it is simply the lesser of two evils – not good!

    1. I have thought that all along. My son was unconvinced but after watching the debates and reading his remarks in the press, he thinks the same thing. Trump has done this all on purpose. I am voting for a strong senate, house and for my local politicians.

  3. Excellent article, Laura! (I’m reading your book, and it’s also excellent! Insightful analysis.)

    The President that is never coming is the one that says, “I can’t get anything done without congress, because I don’t have the authority to write and pass bills. But I do have veto authority. I can veto unnecessary spending. I can veto unconstitutional programs. I can veto legislation that expands government. Contrary to popular opinion, I have the authority to curtail and roll back government, and I intend to do that.”

    Now, Clinton and Trump are equally evil and free of principles. I believe Trump is more dangerous than Hillary, but he is at least as bad. The “He’s not Hillary” is not a good enough argument to vote for Trump, unless one can demonstrate that he is actually worse than Hillary.

    Working for lower level candidates is a good idea, provided you have one that can answer the question, “What is the purpose of government?” Very few have even considered that question.

    In the meantime, consider voting for Gary Johnson. He just might be gaining enough ground to deny HIllary and Trump the majority of electoral votes. And he can probably answer the question.

  4. Donald Trump may have earned the Republican nomination, but that does not mean he has earned my vote. Would you have voted for Berlusconi in Italy or Putin in Russia? Both are Nationalist Populists that are contributing immensely to the decline of their two countries while blaming others.

    I agree completely with the importance of down ballot races. Right now my presidential ballot will remain blank.

    In the down ballot races, it is now critical for the Republicans in control of the House and Senate to step up and lead, and use the power of the purse. Do not pass an omnibus spending bill. Break it up into department level bills. If you are against Planned Parenthood or Obamacare spending, or over-reaching by the IRS, cut the authorized spending by 30%. It may not achieve everything you want, but it reverses the trend, and causes problems. We need to move away from symbolic / purity votes, and get pragmatic by showing a willingness to fight. If Obama wants to veto the bill for a 30% cut, then pass the next bill with a 25% cut, and cut somewhere else in addition. To earn your vote, the legislative branches must demonstrate that they are willing to fight and make it painful for the other side.

  5. Trump 2016. Any other choice will result in a loss of established rights. Might as well clean the weapons for surrender- as that is what will happen under a Clinton regime. Forget about protesting anything you oppose as that right will not only be extinguished, speaking against the regime will become prosecuted hate speech.
    Think gulags and re education camps can’t happen here?
    Forget the third party come to the rescue candidate. It can’t and won’t happen.

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